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Message from Dr. Pennell
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August 12, 2008

Dear Friends:

TO GOD BE THE GLORY! God is blessing this year in our work. We had 25 teens yesterday for a UHM YOUTH RALLY.

I will be conducting a service tonight in a village church and again tomorrow night in Koresten Baptist Church.

The reason for this letter is, Vera Yanovich, Pastor Daniel's wife. I helped them begin Bethany Baptist Church back in 1999 and Vera is a great wife, mother, worker in the church.  Vera has suffered for many years and more frequently of bad toothache. I asked her how many she needed help with, and she said, "None of my teeth are good." She went to the dentist and we were all amazed at what he said. He said, "You must have each of your teeth given some attention or replaced."  He said it would cost $50.00 a tooth, or $1100.00. WE WERE SHOCKED, but she has suffered long enough and has to be helped. As you can imagine, Daniel does not make that kind of money. I told them to go ahead and we would trust the Lord to speak to hearts and WE WILL GET HER TEETH FIXED!

If you know Daniel and Vera, Paul and Peter you know that they are a great family. Daniel was a heavyweight boxer for the Soviet Union but has devoted the last 25 years to the Lord. They are worthy of help. If you can help with just one tooth, please send the $50 to UKRAINIAN HOPE MISSION, 3210 Ave. G NW, Winter Haven, Fl. 33880. Please designate it for DENTAL WORK and we will see that every dime is applied to Vera's dental bill. Just pray about it.

Thank you for being a friend through the years. God bless you today and do keep us in prayer.


Bill and Dorothy